Intentional Imprecision

The truth is, precision can screw things up. When speaking of how vises hold wood, we like accuracy. And what I mean by that is that the vise grabs and holds the wood perfectly every time. What we aren’t looking for here is precision. In other words, the jaws of a vise should have some amount of free rotational movement. This accomplishes two thing. It keeps the mechanism moving freely, and it allows the jaw or chop to conform to the shape of the workpiece.

From The Right Amount of Precision on Benchcrafted.

Mandy’s Book: Wanderlust Quilts

C&T just put up a really nice blog post about Mandy’s new book. Here’s a small sample:

Who would have thought that quilting and archaeology would go together? For author  Amanda (Mandy) Leins, author of Wanderlust Quilts, they sure do. She was studying for a PhD in classical archaeology before she became a quilter. So not only are there great quilts in this book, there’s great photography from Greece, Rome, and Israel showing the inspirations for the quilts.

It available for pre-order through C&T or on Amazon (Disclosure: Mandy gets a small affiliate payment if you buy through that Amazon link).