Ginger Deli

Ginger Deli looks fantastic. Will have to try it next time I’m in town.

Meg Goes Nom Nom

Alert: I have a new favorite lunch spot!: Ginger Deli.

I’ve eaten there, well, once… but I am totally hooked. Must return ASAP!

Located near the corner of Liberty and Division Streets in Ann Arbor, Ginger Deli offers a walk-up window where visitors can get their Vietnamese cuisine fix. Grab yourself a take-away lunch, or if you’re lucky (we were!), snag one of the few outdoor seats that are available (enough for around a dozen people).

photo 2 (1)

Ginger Deli also offers refreshing and nutritious fresh juice – I enjoyed this kale and carrot blend.

photo 3

Thai Iced Tea.

photo 2

Fresh Summer Rolls, with prosciutto, shrimp, and peanut dipping sauce. These were incredibly tasty! Aren’t they gorgeous?

photo 4

Best Banh Mi in Ann Arbor, y’all!

Ginger Deli posts their menu on their website, however, please note that not all menu items are always available. On the day we visited, the Beef Banh Mi…

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The Anarchist’s Tool Chest of Marco Terenzi

Anarchy in 1/4 scale. Amazing work, and out of Detroit!

Lost Art Press


I keep every Anarchist’s Tool Chest photograph that readers have sent me through the years. I’ve seen my tool chest designs painted with flowers. I’ve seen it painted electric purple. With a Kleenex dispenser in the front wall.

But that didn’t prepare me for the tool chest of Marco Terenzi.

The story begins one morning at a hotel breakfast in England. I’m teaching a class of 18 students how to build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest for the New English Workshop. Derek Jones and Paul Mayon, who run N.E.W., are eating their eggs and toast and chatting away when I sit down for coffee. It’s a scene we’ve repeated several times that week, but today something is different.

Behind Derek’s chair is an odd-shaped Pelican case, which doesn’t enter the conversation. We finish breakfast and prepare to head to Warwickshire College, which is where the tool chest class is being…

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