Bench top glued, bottom flat


Got the top joined — it’s two 12×6  beams, came in at 22″ wide and just shy of 8′ long. Doing an edge joint that long across 5″ is … fun. Lots of flipping the top up with the help of my lovely wife, checking the fit, flipping it back down, planing out some spots, flep it again, check… Took a good hour to do the final fitting.

I put the leg blanks on to start figuring out which one will go where.

And I’ve got to start looking at how to layout the bits for the hardware…


Nailed It

Nice, Chris just released a rough draft of the chapter on nails in his next book:

Lately I’ve been pouring all of my creative energy into writing my next book (and editing the books of others). And with Jeff Burks on vacation, the content has been a little light here. So here is the draft miniature chapter I wrote on the airplane on using nails.

If you ever wondered about nails in furniture, check it out. The Bare Bones Basics of Nail Technology at Lost Art Press.

Woodworking Problems

adze all i got

It seems that it is difficult to acquire a good adze these days.  I’m not looking, but I have been getting emails seeking advice on what to do about it.  These folks wish to carve bowls, and are willing to pay for a good adze, but they simply aren’t available.  It seems that the demand has outpaced the supply.  Think about that; in 2015 the demand for hand forged bowl adzes has outpaced the rate at which the makers can produce them! That is both somewhat amazing and quite encouraging.

via The Great Adze Shortage of ’15 on David Fisher, Carving Explorations.