What sharp sounds like

The Democratic Chair

Curtis Buchanan put up a wonderful video series on how to make his “Democratic chair” with only ten tools. As Curtis puts it:

Giving people an equal opportunity regardless of economic status is kind of the definition of “democratic.”

Definitely worth a look if you have any interest in chair making. Kudos to Curtis for making this available for free. Open source woodworking is pretty cool.

hattip to Peter Follansbee, who just finished up his version

It’s log!

It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all…

from Riding Along With a Log Through a Saw Mill Is Absolutely Terrifying on Sploid


And in the white (pre-finish)

Design comes from The Anarchist’s Design Book at Lost Art Press.
It’s a dirt simple build, just dados and nails and glue. and you can expand it to be whatever size you need. The total cost of materials is about 17bdft of primary wood and 6 bdft of back. That worked out to $85 of maple and $32 of poplar. So just a bit more expensive than a Billy at Ikea, but it’ll last forever. Took me about 8 hours of shop time and I’m pretty slow. 

Urban Lumber in Brooklyn

It was circa 1870 when a European elm tree was intentionally planted in a quiet southwestern corner of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was late 2015 when the tree was declared dead and cut down.

This tree is one of the few things in NYC that had remained unchanged for that century and a half. Think about it. When planted, dirt roads, horses and farmland surrounded it.  By the end of its life, it neighbored a gas station taking credit card transactions and nearly every person walking around it had a smart phone in their pocket

via One of NYC’s Largest Trees Lived in Prospect Park @ Lost Art Press