My new favorite weekend cocktail

The carajillo at Cicatriz is certainly (and by far) the best I’ve tasted, but it is not, I’ll admit, the one I crave. Because my platonic carajillo is not, by any rational standard, a good drink. It’s cloying and unbalanced and, as Patan pointed out, both utilitarian and over-the-top. It’s irresistibly fusty, the sort of thing my Manischewitz-swilling, Irish-Catholic great-grandmother would have loved. It’s served, as it was the first time I drank it at the classic Cantina Mirador de Chapultepec (a favorite among the city’s famously corrupt politicans), in an oversized brandy snifter under the gracious eye of a bow-tied bartender, elbow-to-elbow with people who couldn’t possibly care less whether it’s actually “good” or not.

It’s a drink that makes you say carajo—fuck it.

From Mexico City’s Party Drink Has Old Roots @ PUNCH

The sound of hewing

Takin’ a break, 2019

One of the best perks of working for Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Happy Tools, Akismet, Gravatar is that every five years you get to take a 3-month, paid sabbatical. It’s a wonderful perk, and if it sounds wonderful to you, check us out.

Mine starts on Monday. So I’m unplugging from Slack, turning off WordPress notifications and spending some time doing off line stuff.

If Lucy has her way, that means a lot of fishing.

Nothing beats boots on the ground

My wife and I thought this plan was a very bad idea. So we began to fight it. We spread the word about the plan to move the library. We talked about why this was a bad idea, and proposed alternatives. We met with other people opposed to this idea to map out strategy. But most importantly, we attended meetings where the people who made the decisions about the redevelopment plan would be.

Since January, my wife and I have spent most of our free nights attending meeting after meeting. Library board of trustee meetings. Redevelopment agency meetings. Town council meetings. Redevelopment advisory committee meetings. Local Democratic Party meetings. Redevelopment town hall meetings. And any meeting we could think of where we could talk to people face to face about the library.

And we won. The mayor wound up announcing that the library would not be moving.

Wilbur at Giant Cypress

Congrats Wilbur! Enjoy that downtown library.