Gender stereotyping in editing

From ESPN:

“We always want to beat each other, whether it’s her trying to kick me out of the top 10 by making a birdie on the last hole or whether it’s me trying to make a couple more birdies so I can win [a new] purse [from her] at the end of the year,” Jessica said.

The bits in [square brackets] were added by the editor of the article. This is common with transcribed interviews, as an attempt to make clear what the interviewee was trying to say.

Here though, it totally changes what I think was the intent. “so I can win purse” more likely means “so I can win more prize money over the whole year” in a game where the prize money is one of the main ranking systems.

But instead ESPN chose to interpret it as “I want to beat my sister to win a new purse.”

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