The New ‘By Hand & Eye’ Website and Online Course

Definitely worth a look! And an add to the Reader.

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The authors of “By Hand & Eye” and “By Hound & Eye” have launched a beautiful and informative new website that you should add to your browser or RSS feed.

The website is appropriately called “By Hand & Eye Online” and you can get there via At this point the website consists of an active blog maintained by Jim Tolpin and George Walker who are writing about the interesting pre-industrial design techniques they have been exploring together for several years.

Check out their blog here.

At the moment the two are creating a six-part online series called “Tricks & Truths” that will further extend your knowledge of artisan geometry. While the online course isn’t ready yet, you can sign up to be notified when it is released here.

We at Lost Art Press have been greatly heartened and a bit surprised at…

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Arrest that ship!

Now, the crew is hoping for drastic intervention. “We have had hopes for our ship owner and offered them chance to compromise. But now we are just waiting for the ship to be arrested,” said Captain Lyzhyn, referring to a legal process in which the crew ask Hong Kong courts to arrest the ship. Once the ship is arrested, the owner will be given one to two weeks to pay late wages, otherwise the ship will sold and the proceeds will be used to pay the crew.

Imagine if the contractors of a startup could squat and call for the arrest of the assets of the company for failure to pay wages.

From Quartz