Discount Classes for the New Hand-tool Anarchist

Any budding woodworkers out there, take notice. This is an amazing opportunity.

Lost Art Press


During the last 10 years, my students have gotten younger and younger each year. When I started teaching, most students were retired and well-off. These days, most of my students are younger than me – including many in their late teens and 20s.

Many of them make great sacrifices when it comes to taking classes in handwork. Most can barely afford the tuition. Many have young families to support. And a fair number are scraping by with poor tools.

I remember what that was like. I took my first woodworking class when I was 24, and the only way I could swing it was because the class was at a publicly funded university.

For 2015, I am teaching two classes  – one in the United States and one in England – that are aimed at helping young adults get started in handwork. I have worked with two schools – the

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