Discount Classes for the New Hand-tool Anarchist

Any budding woodworkers out there, take notice. This is an amazing opportunity.

Lost Art Press


During the last 10 years, my students have gotten younger and younger each year. When I started teaching, most students were retired and well-off. These days, most of my students are younger than me – including many in their late teens and 20s.

Many of them make great sacrifices when it comes to taking classes in handwork. Most can barely afford the tuition. Many have young families to support. And a fair number are scraping by with poor tools.

I remember what that was like. I took my first woodworking class when I was 24, and the only way I could swing it was because the class was at a publicly funded university.

For 2015, I am teaching two classes  – one in the United States and one in England – that are aimed at helping young adults get started in handwork. I have worked with two schools – the

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For all you new people

I need to check out this video. Only $20 for the download!

The Slightly Confused Woodworker

I’ve never been to a woodworking tool swap meet. I’d bet that there are quite a few woodworkers who can make the same claim. Unfortunately for me they just aren’t very common in this area. I have been to flea markets and garage sales, and sometimes you can get very lucky and find a few tools at a reasonable price that are in good condition, or in a condition that at the least makes them worth purchasing and saving. But even a more experienced woodworker, one used to owning new or newer tools may not know exactly what to look for, and that, among other reasons, is why I enjoyed The Naked Woodworker DVD.

I purchased the DVD partly out of curiosity, and partly from the recommendation of woodworker Jeff Branch, whose blog I’ve been following for several years. Including shipping, the two discs cost me $27.00, which is less…

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This is Fun

The guts of a La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi.

I keep telling myself that.

I started getting a small hiss out of the steam boiler. After pulling the lid and inspecting it, it appeared that the seal around the temperature sensor had gone. It was due for a descaling, so I pulled the vac breaker and the drain plug and flushed it with descaler (2 tablespoons citric acid power to 1L of water) a few times. I also pulled the temp probe.

Indeed, the teflon tape on the threads of the vac breaker and the temp probe were old and brittle. New teflon tape and we appear to be back in business.

What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

Wonderful write up on what it means when someone tells you to “check your privilege.” Best I’ve seen.

A Little More Sauce

The phrase “white privilege” is one that rubs a lot of white people the wrong way. It can trigger something in them that shuts down conversation or at least makes them very defensive. (Especially those who grew up relatively less privileged than other folks around them). And I’ve seen more than once where this happens and the next move in the conversation is for the person who brought up white privilege to say, “The reason you’re getting defensive is because you’re feeling the discomfort of having your privilege exposed.”

I’m sure that’s true sometimes. And I’m sure there are a lot of people, white and otherwise, who can attest to a kind of a-ha moment or paradigm shift where they “got” what privilege means and they did realize they had been getting defensive because they were uncomfortable at having their privilege exposed. But I would guess that more often than…

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Open-Source Woodworking

Lost Art Press


I get asked regularly for permission to use my plans and writings for the following things:

  1. The basis for a woodworking class.
  2. The foundation for a presentation to a woodworking club.
  3. To make a commercial product to sell – as a Roorkee chair, workbench or campaign chest, for example.

My answer to these questions is always: absolutely. Everything I publish is free for you to use for classes, in your club or even to make a commercial piece of woodworking to sell.

In fact, the only thing I object to is when someone violates my copyright by reproducing an entire book or DVD then reselling it as their own work or giving it away on a torrent site. That’s just theft. (It’s uncommon in the woodworking business, but it happens.)

To be honest, little that I do (or any other woodworking author, for that matter) is original. My work is…

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Ginger Deli

Ginger Deli looks fantastic. Will have to try it next time I’m in town.

Meg Goes Nom Nom

Alert: I have a new favorite lunch spot!: Ginger Deli.

I’ve eaten there, well, once… but I am totally hooked. Must return ASAP!

Located near the corner of Liberty and Division Streets in Ann Arbor, Ginger Deli offers a walk-up window where visitors can get their Vietnamese cuisine fix. Grab yourself a take-away lunch, or if you’re lucky (we were!), snag one of the few outdoor seats that are available (enough for around a dozen people).

photo 2 (1)

Ginger Deli also offers refreshing and nutritious fresh juice – I enjoyed this kale and carrot blend.

photo 3

Thai Iced Tea.

photo 2

Fresh Summer Rolls, with prosciutto, shrimp, and peanut dipping sauce. These were incredibly tasty! Aren’t they gorgeous?

photo 4

Best Banh Mi in Ann Arbor, y’all!

Ginger Deli posts their menu on their website, however, please note that not all menu items are always available. On the day we visited, the Beef Banh Mi…

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